Saturday, July 9, 2011

Menu Planing

Has this ever been you? Standing in the kitchen, open each cupboard (twice), even the ones that don't contain food then resort to the refrigerator for the 10th time until finally I grab whatever is closest and easiest and call it good wishing it where something healthier. Finally I decided that with all this time wasted and being frustrated there had to be a better way.
Another frustrating situation is when your so busy and realize it is time to grocery shop and you haven't gotten a list or your coupons cut. You rush through the store, forgetting half the things you need and checkout to realize you didn't remember those darn reusable bags! Never fails! So I sat down one night and came up with these few ideas and tips that would help...

1. Plan each meal and snack for 1 week (I have a few made up waiting even).
2. Make a shopping list a few days ahead so when it gets time to shop it's ready.
3. Cut coupons (and I "clip" my mperks coupons).
4. Place all the list and coupons in my reusable bags at the door or in my van.

Now I know well enough that even though pizza is planned for a Monday but you don't feel like pizza. Or maybe it would work best for Wednesday when you have to be out of the house quick, so you opt to have it Wednesday. The idea is that you have all the ingredients needed and you don't stand in the kitchen for what seems hours with kids screaming in hunger for something you are yet to dream up and with any sort of nutritional value. Us parents have a hard enough job without having to think of on the spot meals to grow our little ones. I hope this helps you all and please leave any helpful hints you may use!

This is the shopping list I use and leave plenty in a place in my binder.
Here are what the blank menus look like I use but the template is from the link below called Blank 2 week menu.
You can create your own or use these ones. This is what works best for our family...Blank 2 week menu template and Shopping lists! I keep these in my Household binder for quick and easy use!

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